For those who haven’t yet read 50 Shades of Grey that pretty much the whole world has been raving about. Here a little insight into who your friends are and what they like to read. lol

Release your inner Ana.




50 Shades of OH MY!

Wow this book is so intoxicating. I have never read a book with this much “intensity.” I really enjoy reading it. Its a great way to clear my mind and loose myself in my imagination. I suggest everyone read it. Read to spice up your love life.. Be Mr.Grey and Ana one night with your mate. I bet it will be fun. One suggestion don’t pop up with a contract of that magnitude to a virgin. The times are different but any decent woman will instantly think you are not only controlling but completing insane and think that you should be entered into a medical facility IMMEDIATELY. Vice versa to women as well.

Thanks for reading.